Biscuits On the Wood Stove


It didn’t take long to come up with my own style of cooking biscuits on my wood stove.  I was nervous about trying because much of what I read online said that biscuits weren’t possible (unless it was like a cornbread or something), or that they were but their texture would change.  I have tried in a dutch oven and had success, but they weren’t browned nicely on the top like we’re used to.  It wasn’t a huge deal, but when I discovered how to cook them in between two broiler trays (Seen above, next to the dutch oven) we could get nice puffy biscuits that are nicely browned on both sides too.

So find two broiler trays (the kind without the vents) at your local thrift store.  Set one on a trivet on top of your wood stove with a good fire going. Make up your biscuit dough. Roll the dough, cut your rounds and place the rounds in the broiler tray.  Place the other broiler tray inverted on top, so you have created a sort of oblong dome.  This is your oven.

Wait until the tops of the biscuits look a little firm – they won’t be as shiny and wet looking (this is because the butter is melting and the dough is not yet set).  Then, flip the whole tray over quick and set it back on the trivet, this time the top will be on the bottom and your biscuits will be flipped.  Cook an additional few minutes.

This is really a learn as you go approach.  You need to experiment with your fires to get accustom to what makes a ‘good’ fire to bake over.  I don’t have a thermometer yet so I can’t give you temperatures.  The biscuits I normally bake, bake at 450F if that helps any.

I have also been successful baking biscuits in a dutch oven.  I like the bottom with parchment paper, have it pre-heat on a trivet just like the broiler trays, put in my rounds, then manually flip each biscuit once the tops look like they have set.  That works just fine too.

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