Salsa for Canning

Salsa made from vine-ripened, sun-bathed tomatoes can not be beat. It’s the taste of summer in a jar. It’s entirely possible to make your whole salsa from vegetables grown right in your own backyard. Everyone has their own favorite salsa – here is ours. It’s a mild salsa. My husband likes it smooth, so he […]

My strategy for canning chicken broth and stock

Chicken is one of the most versatile things I like to can. You can can chicken meat, broth and/or stock. I hate waste, and by being able to can these three things, I can make the most of my chicken. Once the bones have gone through broth and stock making they will […]

Canning as a Family Tradition

(this is an older post, copied from my old blog that I am trying to combine with this one)

As our family grows and ages, we’re finding a somewhat regular rhythm to life. There are things to do each season. I realized this year that our end-of-summer […]

Does Canning Save You Money?

This summer I have had the joy of teaching other people how to can. It seems the question that always comes up is – does it really save you money? After you consider the cost of the jars, the canner, then the produce – certainly it […]