Seed Inventory

Taking seed inventory is one of my useful garden planning tools. I never really found the need to take inventory when I had my small backyard garden because my seeds always fit in an envelope or a small plastic shoebox. It wasn’t too hard to see what I had on hand. Now […]

Seed Saving 101

My first farming project of the year was collecting dried seed that I saved from some of the previous years plants. I was tackling okra, peas and green beans. They are some of the easiest seeds to save! One skill I find important to the growth of our farm is that of […]

Planting Garlic

Growing garlic is a very easy task that requires very little space, very little preparation, and very little time (depending on how many you are planting, of course). There are two main types of garlic – softneck and hardneck. Usually the hardneck varieties are best grown where winters get cold and the softneck varieties grow […]

A garden tip for beginners and kids

If you are a beginner with gardening, or gardening with kids, here is a handy little tip to prevent you from pulling up your seedings when you direct sow your seeds: push 1/3 of a toilet paper roll (minus the paper) into the dirt and plant your seed in it. […]

Sprouted potatoes? Plant them! Here’s how.

When my potatoes begin sprouting in storage during the spring, I get excited. That means I can plant more potatoes and not have to worry about buying seed potatoes. This method goes for white potatoes – sweet potatoes are a whole other ball of wax – which I will write a tutorial on soon, too. […]

My Gardening Journal

I love keeping records. They have helped me in so many ways. I keep a binder for most every aspect of my farm, although now that we have moved I am updating everything and expanding. I will focus on my garden journal here.

Here are some of the things I keep track of:

I know […]

Working the field

The past few weeks I have been busy in my field, trying to break ground, remove the tall branchy weeds and turn the dirt so the roots and weed debris can nourish the ground over the winter. I have been doing it all by hand because it gives me a good feel or the type […]