Welcoming New Chicks

New chicks exploring their new digs.

Purchasing new chicks is such an exciting adventure. Even for us, while we purchase hundreds and hundreds of chicks each year (for both meat and new egg layers), every new batch is still exciting to me even after 10+ years!). Chicks do require some care that you should […]

Reduce Shipping Stress in Chicks

Unless you live local to a breeder, you will likely have to mail order your chicks. This can bring a wide variety of breed options to your doorstep! Unfortunately, shipping can be a very stressful experience especially if over long distances and extreme weather temperatures. While the […]

Raising Cornish Rocks for Meat

We processed all of our meat birds this past spring. Raising the popular Cornish rock chicken for meat was a first for me, after having raised free range chickens. I swore for most of my farming life that I’d never raise them, based on the opinions and observations of others. Like many […]

Turkeys on the farm

Back in July, we placed our first order of birds from a breeder we found on Craigslist. Literally, days after moving in. We also acquired a free rooster a few days after moving in to integrate with our flock we kept in the city, from Craigslist (we were extremely motivated to get our farm up […]