Opening Day is Nearly Here

Well, it’s that time of the year again. ย Opening day of gun season for deer here in Michigan. ย This time of year there is an excitement floating through the air around our home. ย My husband dreams and plots and strategizes over hunting season. Normally he and my dad lease land a few hours away and are gone for a few days together. ย This year is different though – he has his own land to hunt on ๐Ÿ™‚ ย He has been out for bow season, and we have been trying to study how the deer are maneuvering around our property the old fashioned way. ย  He and my oldest son have gone out morning after morning and as luck would have it, he’d nearly hit the deer crossing the path he was driving on, or see a group of 5 or more….. at the other end of the field. ย This year my husbandย plans to stay out the entire day. ย I would love to join him, but we will get to hunt together on our anniversary which follows a few days later. ย It will be a date!
If you are one of the many hitting the fields on opening day, I wish you a good hunt and pray for your safety. ย Hopefully the hunting widows have plans of meeting with their girlfriends for some quality girl time. If your husband does happen to bring home the jerky, and the backstraps, and the steaks, I can help you come up with ways to cook it. ย I had hoped to have a ‘venison series’ hit the blog in time for hunting season but I fear I won’t have time.
I will leave you with a bit of humor – then my favorite hunting season prayer to follow.
Twas the night before deer season, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The bowstrings where waxed and in their cases with care,

In hopes that deer season would soon be there.


The young hunters where nestled in their beds,

While visions of Big Bucks and Does danced in their heads.

And mamma in her โ€˜kerchief, all angry at dad,

Because of the time spent preparing his bag.


When morning came round, coffee so warm,

The hunters where wondering โ€œIs it going to storm?โ€

Watching their videos getting all pumped,

Making sure their guts unload by taking a dump.


Getting in their camouflage, and all the hunting stuff,

Firing up their Scent Smokers and watching them puff.

Load up in the vehicles and off to the woods,

Hoping they remembered everything they should.


Arriving at the hunting grounds feeling like Christmas morning,ย 

Hoping they give their prey no fair warning.

Some walking to stands and some to their blinds,

Canโ€™t wait to leave all their worries behind.


As day slowly turns from the night,

The birds start to wake and begin to take flight.

They sing their songs that have sounds of beauty,

While the hunters are finishing their duty.


Waiting and watching anything that moves,

The hunters are slowly sliding into their groove.

Some will find success, and some will get skunked

To most it does not matter if they get punked.


The smell of autumn and the changing of leaves,

This is why a hunter lives and breathes.

For on the opening day of deer season,

To be in the woods is lifeโ€™s reason!

(author unknown)

A Hunters Prayer

Clean Kill or No Kill, Lord

0 Lord, I am a hunter

And life I seek to take

But let me not attempt the shot

Beyond my skill to make

For Lord they are your creatures

Given for our use

But each one falls within your sight

They’re not for our abuse

And when I loose my arrow

Please guide it swift and true

Or let it miss completely, Lord

That pain be not undue

A clean kill or no kill, Lord

Such is my heart’s desire

Give me the skill to make it so

Or let me hold my fire

And when my time upon this earth

The days they are fulfilled

Grant that I may die at least

As clean as those I killed

Timothy D. Cook

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