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  • Maple Syruping for Beginners at K7 Farm

    January 27, 2pm

    **Due to high interest in this class, I will be scheduling at least one more before the season begins. check the event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/168429680420842/) and our Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/K7farm/) for updates!

    Maple syrup season is a short but furious season here in Michigan. I will teach you how to get started with tapping […]

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  • Bread Baking Basics at K7 Farm

    Feb. 10, 10am

    Learn the basics of working with yeast so you can successfully bake bread and bread rolls, and other variations, from scratch.

    Be ready to get your hands dirty – you will be baking your very own bread to take home while you are here! We will cover the process from start to […]

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  • Soapmaking 101 at K7 Farm

    February 17, 10am

    Learn how to make real goats milk soap, gritty soap as well as other bar soap from scratch! I have been making soap for my family for over 10 years now and the soap we have given as gifts has always been a hit. I enjoy teaching this skill! I will teach […]

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  • Chicks 101 at K7 Farm

    It’s that time again! This class was very popular last year!

    Chicks 101 Everything you need to know to successfully raise chicks.

    Spring is on its way! This is the most popular time of year to begin raising chicks. If you are planning on raising chicks for the first time this year, this class is […]

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My better half and I

K7 Farm is a multi-purpose family farm in Concord, MI

We raise a large garden, chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, goats,pigs and rabbits.  We farm with sustainable methods to feed our family and yours.  Our mission is to grow good food, God’s way, and share our passion with you.  While we have lived the homesteading lifestyle in its various forms for over 13 years in various living environments (apartment, rented city house, owned suburban home) we turned our urban farm into a business in 2012 and moved to 15 acres in 2014 to grow and continue our love of farming and the self sufficient lifestyle.

We love to answer questions and help others become a little more self sufficient.  Just as much as you probably want to get to know us as your farmer, we want to get to know our customers as well.   I cook most of our meals from scratch and also enjoy soapmaking, sewing, and useful crafting. You will find some of our favorite ways to use fresh ingredients and homemade meals in ”Scratch Cooking with the Concord Country Cook” and as time allows I am hoping to post tutorials to all the DIY stuff we do around here, along with lots of gardening and farming articles.  Feel free to have a look around the blog – it is a work in progress.

“Like” us on Facebook for farm updates, sales information and more!

We aim to be faithful, successful stewards of the land and animals God has given us, and bring honor and glory to Him in our lives, business practices, farming practices and outreach.



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