My better half and IK7 Farm – “That Teaching Farm”

We are a multi-purpose family farm in Concord, MI. 

We are dedicated to preserving old fashioned skills by teaching them to others!  We offer a variety of homesteading classes and workshops.  We are also passionate about growing produce for our family and yours, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer – engaging the soil food web to produce healthy soil that will grow healthy plants.

–>New!  Members Only blog where we share our recipe collection, tutorials, and eventually online classes.  There are lots of videos on this site and it covers all sorts of homesteading topics.  It is subscription based.  Feel free to check it out!  http://www.k7farm.com/members <–

Here at K7 Farm, we raise a large garden (over 4 acres of garden space), chickens, turkeys, geese, goats,  sometimes pigs, cows and rabbits.  Our mission is to grow good food, God’s way, for our family and yours and share our passions with you through our services, classes and workshops.  Just as much as you probably want to get to know us as your farmer, we want to get to know our customers as well.

We love to answer questions and brainstorm with others who wish to become more self sufficient.  We know the many ways a self sufficient lifestyle has benefited our family.   I cook our meals from scratch, grow a very large garden, preserve the excess, save seeds from our garden, raise animals for our table and butcher them on-site, hunt, and also enjoy soapmaking, sewing, and useful crafting. You will find some of our favorite ways to use fresh ingredients and homemade meals in “Scratch Cooking with the Concord Country Cook” and as time allows I am hoping to post tutorials to all the DIY stuff we do around here, along with lots of gardening and farming articles.  Feel free to have a look around the blog – it is a work in progress.

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We aim to be faithful, successful stewards of the land and animals God has given us, and bring honor and glory to Him in our lives, business practices, farming practices and outreach.