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If you have a desire to grow healthy food for your family and help trim your grocery budget using your home grown food but aren’t sure how to go about it or don’t have time to plan it, I’m your girl!  I specialize in growing food affordably and will take your budget into full consideration.  For nearly half of my life I have been combining my passions of growing food and cooking from scratch to feed my large family, so if anyone can help you learn to grow food in such a way that is saves you some money, I can!  I won’t be recommending you buy pricey equipment if your budget can’t afford it –I never could afford pricey equipment, but I still manage wonderfully productive gardens that feed my family well.

The plan that is customized for you can be used year after year as long as you stay in the same hardiness zone, though you will want to alter your gardening map to allow for crop rotation.  This prevents disease and pest problems, and improves your soil quality.

Here is what I offer:

In-Person Garden Planning Consultation

Let’s meet, discuss your goals, see your space.  Then I will create a plan to put your garden in motion. Individualized plans, real help, encouragement and education geared for your gardening success.  My methods are normally 100% organic and if they are not considered organic you will be presented with options and full disclosure.  I grow my own garden using organic methods every year.

Garden planning services start at $75 for a basic consultation.*  $25 must be paid up front before we meet in person and is nonrefundable, the remaining $50 can be paid after we meet (but before I begin working on your plan)  and you are comfortable with the vision we have created for your space.  You can pay it all up front if you wish.  Here is what is included:

Prior to our consultation:

Fill out a questionnaire that will give me insight on your food preferences, garden space, time available, family size and cooking tendencies, tending capabilities and garden goals.

We can incorporate: vertical gardening, intercropping, companion planting, intensive gardening, no-till gardening, succession planting, square foot gardening, seed saving, and more.*

In Person Consultation:

See your garden space, check surroundings, go over questionnaire, measure garden and brainstorm together. I will take notes, draw and measure your garden space for reference and within a few business days, form a customized plan that will help you learn what to plant when and where, with tips along the way.  I will include some basic garden maps to help you figure out where to plant your vegetables and a list of what to buy** based on answers in your questionnaire.  In your customized plan I will also include notes on fertilizing, mulching, and plant specific care instructions.  Feel free to ask me all of your questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

*If your garden is larger than approximately 20×20 and/or will require more time to plan than the average garden due to preferred methods or a high number of different vegetables to include in your plan, cost may change.  Every plan is created from scratch and based on your personal needs and growing space. This will be discussed at the consultation so there are no misunderstandings.

Online Consultation – $50

If you are outside our service area, or doing things online is your preference, we will do things just a bit differently.  The same quality and attention to detail will be provided to the best of my ability considering I will not be visiting your garden space.  Take a picture of your garden space, e-mail it to me and fill out the same questionnaire.  We will schedule a block of time to chat, discussing the questionnaire, talking about your garden space and your wants/needs, time available and food preferences.  After this I will take a couple of days to put together a customized plan that will help you learn what to plant and where (per our chat), draw up some possible garden maps and a list of what/how much to buy** based on your needs.

**If you plan to use your own seedlings, we will have notes of this in your plan so they will not show up in your buy list.  As well, if plants do best direct-sown, that will be noted in your care plan so you don’t need to buy seedlings. If you do plan to buy seedlings instead of growing them, and I have excess, I will sell any varieties I have that you desire at a discount if you are a client of mine!

Interested?  Send me an email!

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