Vegetable Garden Consultations

K7 Farm Garden Consultation, Planning & Mentoring

My consultation and mentoring services are available to those who are interested in learning how to grow a vegetable garden to feed their family.  No matter which service(s) you choose, my goal is to help you reach yours.

I do offer gardening classes, if you are interested in those keep an eye on our facebook page, where classes are listed on the events tab.

Gardening is a skill that can take quite a few years to get the hang of. Unfortunately, during that time it’s not uncommon to make mistakes that can cost you plants or your whole garden. Trying to find answers online can be overwhelming, and asking for help in online forums can often lead to mistakes due to misleading information. Having someone who is familiar with your space, situation, gardening zone and goals can make a huge difference in the final outcome of your garden. 

My expertise lies in in-ground vegetable gardens using organic growing methods with the goal of high yields with minimal and frugal inputs. I can help you plan your garden as a one-time deal, or provide you with education and coaching all season long. I am not here to garden for you, but rather turn you into a gardener!

Services Offered: 

  • Garden Planning Consultation – in-person, $150*.  I will pay a visit to your garden space (locally) to measure, check out growing conditions and get a feel for your vision while also going over your checklist.  From here, I will produce some handouts for you that includes a map (with different options if possible) which outlines what you want to grow, then information on how and when to plant the items you wish to grow, as well as some basic tending instructions so you don’t make common beginner mistakes.  This eliminates the common questions of what to start when, what can be planted next to this, how big will that grow (will it shade something else?) and help you be a little more prepared for what to expect, how to tend your garden, when to do things and the why behind it all..  This is a one-time service.  The information can be used year after year with some basic changes to accommodate crop rotation which helps reduce some pest pressure and disease.  
  • Garden Consultations, Online, $100.  If you are outside my service area, or doing things online is your preference, we will do things just a bit differently.  The same quality and attention to detail will be provided to the best of my ability considering I will not be visiting your garden space (I will use several resources to check out your space and soil conditions).  These consultations are available for garden planning and also general food gardening consultations and are good for an hour (or so) of conversation online and the time it takes for me to put together your package of information afterwards.  Please note if you have general gardening questions and want to bounce some ideas off of me, there is no charge.  I help hundreds of people each year at no cost – this consultation is for more personalized help that is in depth, personalized, and requires more of my time.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions. 
  • Mentoring for the season, $150 (new clients who have not used garden planning services)/$135 (current clients who have used garden planning services).  This option is an in-depth offering to gardeners who would like my availability to answer questions, brainstorm and troubleshoot all garden season long, even if I did not help you plan your garden (there will be some initial conversation to help me learn about your garden space and plans).  This mentorship is best established by end of January/February if you plan to start your own seeds, and I will help you through all of that, too!    I will “hold your hand” so to speak, through the season, teaching as we go.  This service does not include in-person visits at your garden, though you are welcome to learn hands-on with me in mine if you’d like to join us throughout the season. Gardening is a skill that often takes several years to get the hang of, and while the learning never stops, those early years can be quite frustrating to navigate on your own! My goal is to help transform you into a gardener and reach the goals you have set for yourself without having the common set backs that beginners can face, while equipping you with how to handle and prepare your fresh produce, too. The benefit for current clients is that I am already familiar with your space after having helped you plan it, so the help I can offer is personalized and to the point! 

Prior to our consultation or coaching/mentoring:

You will out a questionnaire that will give me insight on your food preferences, garden space, time available, family size, budget,  cooking tendencies, tending capabilities and garden goals.

We can incorporate: vertical gardening, intercropping, companion planting, intensive gardening, no-till gardening, succession planting, square foot gardening, and more.*

*If your garden is larger than approximately 20×20 and/or will require more time to plan than the average garden, cost may change.  Every plan is created from scratch and based on your personal needs and growing space. This will be discussed at the consultation so there are no misunderstandings.

Interested?  Send me an email!

Please note, garden size, soil quality, budget, your time and commitment and other factors can affect the reality and final outcome of your garden. Due to these factors, and unforeseen factors such as weather, pests, disease, etc. I cannot guarantee all of your goals will be met, but I can guarantee you I will set you up for success the very best that I can based on your circumstances.