We are on a mission to become a trusted source in our community for sustainable practices, friendly service and thorough, relevant education.   It is my goal to share our experiences of farming and homesteading to those who wish to learn, through the blog, classes, consultations, and mentoring.

Welcome to K7 Farm!   We are a small family run farm that lives the homesteading lifestyle inside and out.   We raise the majority of the produce we eat through our nearly 5 acre garden (this garden also feeds our community through our CSA/farmshare program and produce sales).  In addition to eating fresh food, I can over 1,000 jars per year to supply food year-round for our  family.  In addition to produce, we also raise our own beef, chicken and pork and are a passionate hunting family.  We raise these animals and I also butcher them when the time comes.

As homesteaders, we do as much as we can to be self sufficient.  This includes much scratch cooking and baking, cheesemaking, food preservation (dehyrating, canning, freezing), curing meats and sausage making, making maple syrup, seed saving, cutting and splitting wood to feed our wood stove (that’s how we heat our home), foraging, sewing, and more.

We push ourselves to a higher level of self sufficiency each year, putting all those years of learning and practicing to good use!  Learning is never ending.  We have always grown in sustainable ways without the use of pesticides herbicides or other chemicals.

My homesteading classes put everything I have learned over the many years we have been doing this into a complete and easy to understand form.  I want you to leave my class feeling confident enough to do whatever you learned on your own.  I want you to leave having learned from my mistakes without having to make them all on your own, so you can reach success having learned the ‘why’ behind what you are learning.  I have been teaching officially from the farm since 2014, but unofficially since 2010

I also love to help people learn to grow food.  I am on a mission to help educate and inspire my local community to grow food in their own backyard through my project, The Victory Gardener.  As a certified MSUE Master Gardener, I have dedicated this as my volunteer project, and through meet ups, free classes and our facebook page, I am hoping this will encourage more people to grow food in their own backyard.

I also offer deer processing.  If you want to learn how to process the deer yourself, I am happy to teach you.  Tabs for those services can be seen up above.

I look forward to getting to know our community.  Just as much as you may want to know your farmer and know how your food is grown and where it comes from, we also want to get to know our customers and develop relationships.

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A little bit about us – my husband and I have nine children.  We homeschool.  We love Jesus.   We live a frugal life in order to obtain the big things that are important to us (such as this farm).  I love encouraging other families and helping others learn more about cooking from scratch, living frugally, homeschooling, gardening, canning, homemaking and more.

You can reach us at sarah@k7farm.com