The faces and views of hunting this year

While hunting season isn’t over yet, I am already reminiscing this season.  It was so full of so many firsts – the first year hunting on our own property (for years my husband and dad would make a annual trip ‘up north’ about 4 hours away for hunting on private land and it was a all or nothing trip), the first deer, the first time we had the opportunity to study deer, their habitats and find where they run and figure out where to put the darn blasted blinds, my first season and the first season for my two oldest kids.  Hunting, like farming and homesteading, is a lifestyle we have been hoping to be able to claim as our own, instead of the once a year hunting trip.  I admire the families who can depend on hunting to bring in meat to feed the family.  There is a thrill involved like no other, and sometimes a reward of free range, medication and hormone free meat.  It is an honor to receive the gift of a well placed shot and being able to claim your reward.  Some feel hunting is cruel, and others like us believe God gave us dominion over the animals. They are meant to give their lives to sustain ours.  We were very thankful that my husband was able to take a deer on opening day of gun season.  As we enjoy the meat she gave us we are always mindful and thankful of this gift.  I am looking forward to another season next year (and of course the continued season here using the crossbow, then late season doe opens up a few days before Christmas, yay!), and the time in between to continue to keep our aim on target.

Here are some of the faces of hunting this year –

The walk to the blind is a beautiful one – here was my walk to the blind and one of the many views in the blind.

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