Green Beans and Peppers

This is a lovely side dish.  You could use a quart of canned beans to cut down on the cooking time.  The taste will be a bit mellowed because the beans won’t be cooking in the flavorings but it still works out to be tasty!


  • 1lb green beans, trimmed and cut
  • 1c onion, sliced thin
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2c red pepper, sliced
  • 2tb bacon grease (or 1tb butter and 1tb olive oil)
  • 1c chicken broth
  • 1/2ts salt (or more, to taste)


  1. Melt the bacon grease in a skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the onion, garlic and peppers.  Sautee until soft.
  2. Add green beans and sautee until bright green.
  3. Stir in chicken broth, turn heat to medium-low, then place the cover on the skillet leaving a slight crack.  Cook about 20-30 minutes or until green beans have cooked to your liking.

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