Carrot Soup


This carrot soup is filling, nutritious and so delicious.  It could easily become a comfort food for us.  I made this on the stove, although I bet you could cook the carrots in the crockpot, then blend and finish it when it’s done (there are only a few minutes of prep once the carrots have cooked).


  • 8 carrots, peeled and sliced
  • 1-1/2c chicken or rabbit broth
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 lemon, zested
  • 1-1/2c Half & Half or milk (or if you want to be really bad, use heavy cream)
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • pepper, to taste


  1. Combine carrots, chicken broth and garlic.  Bring to a boil and simmer until carrots are cooked.
  2. Use an immersion blender and blend the carrots to be as course or smooth as you wish.
  3. Add the cream and seasonings and heat it up gently if it needs to be warmed.

Note:  I use some lemon pepper seasoning that I made.  It had equal parts of pepper, kosher salt and dehydrated lemon (powdered).  Considering the soup calls for all three ingredients anyway I went ahead and used what I had left.  I added some lemon juice to make up for what the lemon pepper seasoning was missing, because there wasn’t much left.

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