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Dehydrated Celery

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Celery doesn’t last for very long in the fridge, and if your fridge happens to have an identity crisis and think it’s a freezer, your celery becomes wilted.  Sometimes there are just a few stalks left that you forget about (that go to waste).  I am all about reducing waste when it comes to food, so my solution to always keeping celery on hand, and to prevent waste, is to dehydrate it.  As soon as the celery begins to lighten in color or if I find a fantastic deal on celery and can stock up, I slice it and dehydrate it.  You can powder the celery or blend it into a nice mince and add it to soups (like condensed cream of celery soup) or casseroles (like cheesy potatoes) that need the celery flavor but not necessarily the texture. It’s such a simple act that I often find myself dehydrating just a few stalks at a time (and the dehydrator costs pennies to run all night, so it’s not expensive to dehydrate food).  Simply wash, slice, throw them in a single layer on a dehydrator tray and set the temperature for 125F, and let it go until celery is dry.  I often just let it go all night and I turn it off on the morning.

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