Free Advertising

I enjoy supporting our local Michigan businesses and would appreciate the chance to help spread the word about your business.  Not only will you receive an online listing here but I will also display your marketing materials at our classes and events.

At every meeting and class I will have a listing of Michigan businesses that sell the products, seeds, seedlings, etc. that we need as gardeners.  I also want to share gardening groups around Michigan that help support backyard food gardeners.  If you fit into one of those descriptions, please fill out the following form.

I am happy to set out additional marketing materials if you wanted to mail me brochures, flyers or business cards.  In return, I would appreciate the opportunity to send you some of my business cards if you were willing to help me spread the word about my project.

This project is completely non-profit.  Please read the “about” page to learn more about the project.   I look forward to hearing from you.