Homemade Garland

The Christmas season is fast approaching.  Decorating for the holiday will be on full blast.  How will you deck the halls?  How about making a homemade garland with your family this year for your tree?  Homemade garlands on a Christmas tree look so traditional and fitting. And being home- made, you can add whatever special and unique touches you want.   Here are some ideas you may enjoy.

The Cranberry & Popcorn Garland
Pop some popcorn and gather a bunch of fresh cranberries. Thread a needle and a piece of string about 30 inches, or whatever is convenient for you. However long you choose the string to be, measure it and cut the same length every time you add length to your garland. Tie a large knot at one end of the string and begin stringing popcorn and cranberries tightly together. The cranberries will shrink, so put them pretty tight together. Once your done with one length, knot the end and cut a new one. Keep mak- ing new lengths as you need. Then tie each length together, and put a Christmas-colored bow at each new addition.
Once the holiday is over, you can string this on a tree outdoors and treat the birds!
The Toy or Ornament Garland
While I don’t think this is very traditional, it could be very fitting in a home of a young child. Collect very inexpensive, small toys and tie them onto a piece of string. You could buy small wooden trinkets from a craft store or online. Make some yourself! Alternate Christmas-colored ribbons every so often. You could do the same thing by attaching Christmas ornaments to string or long pieces of Christmas- colored ribbon. Your tree could be decorated in mere minutes. With either of these garlands, you could use them year after year.
Beaded Garlands
Perhaps the most unique garland is the beaded garland. Your options are endless. Use jute string and plenty of beads—either a single color, a mix of Christmas colors, bright colors, colors that match your home, a regular pattern with a unique bead
breaking up the pattern at regular intervals, etc. These look fantastic once they’re done, and you can use them year after year.
The Candy Garland
String together pretzels, gumdrops, life savers, pieces of red licorice, peppermint candies, jelly- beans, etc! To use this year after year, store it in an airtight box, in a temperature controlled room (not your attic or garage! Basement is fine).
The Bow Garland
If you have lots of ribbon and enjoy making bows, or perhaps collect those shiny bows from presents, you can string them together to make a Christmas garland. Just think of how shiny those shiny ribbons will be illuminated by Christmas lights!
The Braided Garland
Take three lengths of wide ribbon and braid them together. Join several shorter sections together, sewing the ends together if necessary and add a large bow at each joint to hide the interrupted braid.
The Paper Ring Garland
Make rings out of colored or patterned paper, each one connecting to the last to create a long chain. Wrap this around your tree to create a festive garland.

Do you have any unique garland ideas?  I would love to hear them!

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