Week 2 of Wood Stove Cooking

I have now gone two weeks of cooking using my wood stove instead of my electric stove.  This weeks meals have included: fajitas, mexican rice, refried beans, calzones, biscuits and gravy, rabbit tenderloin. chicken and dumplings, and much more.

This week I used my ‘low heat spots’ more to keep food warm (set on mason jar ring trivet, covered in foil, waiting for my husband to get home from work to eat) simmer sauces, melt butter and cook rice. I also put meat on my low heat spots to thaw instead of using the microwave.  Come to think of it, it’s been two weeks since I’ve used that contraption, too.

My major accomplishment this week was calzones.  Right in the firebox. They turned out so, so good – better than in my electric oven.  I was prepared to try several different ways of cooking them as an experiment, but after the first batch went in the firebox I didn’t need to try any other ways.  I will be writing a post on that very soon.

On to week three.  With the holidays coming up, I can’t say I won’t be using my oven, but I don’t think I will have to.  I have an electric roaster for the turkey  (IF we do turkey – we are considering a nice venison roast from the deer my husband took minutes into opening day), and the rest of our meals can be cooked on the stove top.  The casseroles that would use an oven can be cooked in the dutch oven.

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