Sweet or White Potatoes in the Crockpot

While sweet potatoes aren’t often something that take *forever* to cook, sometimes it’s nice to cook them without having to think about it, take up space on the stove, heat your kitchen, or have them ready for an early breakfast.  We love mashed sweet potato for breakfast.  It’s filling, warm and nutritious!  This method words for white potatoes too!

I also like to cook a crockpots worth of potatoes, mash and freeze or chill them for a future meal. Simply wash and slice one side of your potato, lengthwise.  This will help peel them once they are cooked – the peels will pretty much slide off.

Place about a cup of water in the bottom of your crockpot to help “steam” the potatoes.  Cover and turn on low for 8-10 hours or so.  I usually load my crockpot right up and they are all done by morning.  Once done, turn off the crockpot, remove the cover and let the potatoes cool enough to be able to handle without doing the hot potato dance.  Peel, place in a separate bowl, then mash once they are all in there.  You can add butter, milk or whatever flavorings you like, but if you intend to freeze they tend to freeze  best plain.  Once thawed and heated you can add whatever you like to them.

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