Oriental Chicken Salad


If you have ever eaten at Applebees and ordered their oriental salad, this is essentially it.  Every time we make it, we feel like we’ve ordered carry out.  The fried chicken recipe linked in the ingredients is really key to the whole dish.  It took me a long time to find it and figure it out!  We don’t eat fried foods too often, so every time we had fried chicken it was always a new recipe.

In addition to the dressing recipe below, you will also want:

  • Fried chicken (or grilled, if you opt for a healthier version)
  • 1/4c or so of sliced almonds (or slivered).
  • Iceberg/Romaine salad blend mix (or chopped up romaine lettuce, shredded carrot and a bit of thiny sliced red cabbage)
  • 1/2c crispy rice noodles

Dressing Recipe

  • 2tb sugar
  • 1/4c rice vinegar
  • 1/4c plus 2tb mayonnaise
  • 2tb sesame oil
  • 1ts dijon mustard


  1. Combine dressing ingredients and whisk well, set aside.
  2. Prepare a bed of salad with your greens, carrots and cabbage.  Add your brown crispy rice noodles and almonds.
  3. Slice your chicken and lay it on top.
  4. Top it with dressing.


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