Here are some of the tutorials I have gotten around to writing.  I hope to add much more.

Food Preservation

Preserving food in the form of canning, dehydrating and freezing are all year-round adventures on our farm.  In the spring you will find me preserving some fruits and early season crops, dehydrating spinach and kale.  Through the summer I typically can vegetables as they come into season.  Through the fall and winter I am usually preserving fall fruits and vegetables, making our bone broths, canning beans,  soups and convenience foods.  I will share with you how to preserve food as time allows!

Basic Preserving –

Canning Specific –

Dehydrating Specific –

Freezing Specific –

    Farming & Homesteading

    Oh how I love the small scale farming we’ve been doing for years.  We’ve grown, but I still find myself using the same small-space techniques to maximize my yield.  As a result, you should be able to find some inspiration and information here no matter what size garden you grow or no matter what kind of homestead you own.  You can work towards self sufficiency even in an apartment setting – I did!  That is where this passion was born.  I will be sharing all kinds of tips and techniques that you may find useful.

    Gardening – 

    Chickens – 

    Rabbits – 

    Misc. Tutorials

    Are you a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys learning new things to make for your homestead?  I hope to share a lot of how-to’s that we make, use and do in our life here on the farm.  As I post tutorials, they will show up here!

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