Spring on the farm

There is such a difference of life, living out here.  This is our first year on the farm, away from the city, and life is so different.  You can really smell the fresh air out here.  And during the spring, it is such a sweet fragrance.  I never fully understood what fresh air really smelled like, until I first put clothes on the line out here.  I thought our line dried clothes smelled good coming in from my city backyard – I couldn’t believe the way they smelled once we started hanging them here.  And the smell sticks around.

Scents trigger memories, and right now I am completely entranced by the smells of spring with a hint of summer.  We first came to see our farm a year ago.  There was a distinct smell that I have locked away in my memory that has recently come out.  We were working so hard, and for so long, to find our farm.  You can ask our realtor – some people have a few month experience finding their home.  We kept our realtor busy for at least 18 months.  She was the best! So as we come upon our one-year anniversary of purchasing our farm I find myself quite often lost in memories and comparing life a year ago to what it is today.  The smells around here are a big cause of that.  I smell something – an apple blossom, fresh cut grass, grass after a good soaking – and I am taken back to the first time we saw the apple blossoms, the first rain and how awesome everything smelled.  Of course, I was enchanted by everything because it was what we have wanted for so long I really wanted to take it all in.  And still do.

We’ve been busy – planting our spring garden, preparing our summer garden, hatching chicks, building stalls and bringing home new goats.  Never a dull moment.

Here are some glimpses of spring here on the farm.


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