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Chicks 101

Event Start Date:
February 24, 2018
Event End Date:
February 24, 2018
Event Venue:
K7 Farm

It’s that time again! This class was very popular last year!

Chicks 101
Everything you need to know to successfully raise chicks.

Spring is on its way! This is the most popular time of year to begin raising chicks. If you are planning on raising chicks for the first time this year, this class is for you! We will have chicks on hand so you can see how they are set up and taken care of, as well as full grown chickens to display differences in size, breeds, temperament and features. Depending on our hatch schedule, we may even have chicks for sale that you can take home with you.

This class will cover:
• Common breeds and their purposes (eggs, pets, meat)
• Care and brooding of chicks
• Handling chicks
• Supplies you will need
• Basic first aid and what to keep in your first aid kit
• Illnesses and injuries you should know about
• When and how to transition the chicks from their brooders to the great outdoors, as well as the basic necessities you will need in your chicken coop.
• Recommended resources, literature is provided, and more is taught!

The Chicks 101 class is taught at K7 Farm in Concord, MI.

Register for your class, space is limited.
Contact Sarah at 517-215-5150 or email sarah@k7farm.com
Cost is $20 per family and may be paid ahead of time via paypal.

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